Toshiya - bassist
Birthdate - 31/03/1977
Bloodtype - B
Height - 178cm (5'10")

Toshiya is the vibrant and childish one, full of energy and always ready to play. Beautifully slim and beautifully feminine in appearance, perhaps the most feminine of all, he nonetheless holds endless boyish delight and seems to love nothing more than having fun.

Toshiya was born in Nagano, is currently 24, Aries if you believe in astrology, and perhaps the most open and forthcoming with his emotions and feelings. When he is happy, you know about it; his beaming grin shows it all. And when something really touches him, you know it too.. he is quite prone to crying about it! (It's very sweet.) Of them all, Toshiya is the most beautiful in a feminine way, and often dresses to show that off, yet he belies this appearance with his boyish antics. He is the bassist for Dir en grey, and a very talented one at that; he has also written Erode and egnirys cimredopyh +) an injection and co-written raison detre with Shinya, and I can only hope that he will try his hand at more songwriting; he writes some great music!

Toshiya's face is so naturally beautiful that it hardly needs makeup, but he wears it nonetheless, and makes himself more striking in doing so; like Kyo, he is often prone to extremes, oddly accentutating his lovely full lips and clear, pretty eyes. His hair is always fairly short, sometimes black, sometimes blue, and he styles it upwards and out in all manner of odd, spiky styles that suit him well. He is prone to dressing in quite revealing outfits, baring plenty of thigh and showing off his all-but-perfect figure; he wears a lot of pvc and fishnet, lace and leather, mixed together in some weird and wonderful fashions.

Toshiya's vibrance and beauty captured me from the first, and I have always been very fond of him. I love how much he likes to play, how innocent and sweetly naive he is in what he does. He is so simply delighted, and so happy to do what he is doing; you can see how much enjoyment he gets out of every moment that he spends playing in the band. His talent with the bass is marvellous; most bands can get away with having an average bass player, but Dir en grey were lucky enough to find a really good one, and the underlying rythym that he gives to every song makes such a difference. Sweet, adorable, beautiful, unique -- one can only hope that he remains so in every way.

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