Shinya - drummer
Birthdate - 24/02/1978
Bloodtype - B
Height - 170cm (5'7")

Shinya is the "baby" of Dir en grey, the youngest and quietest member. His serious expressions and stoic silence mark him as difficult to understand, hard to get to know, and it is a rare occasion to see his pretty, pouting face smiling. Tall and slim, feminine in style and beauty, he is an odd one.

Shinya was born in Osaka, is currently 23, Pisces if you believe in astrology, and is the the most difficult member of Dir en grey to really learn anything about. He is constantly quiet, much more unlikely to answer questions, and never really volunteers any information about himself. In fact it was 6 months before the other members found out what his phone number was as he refused to give it to them! He is also much more serious, slower to smile, and as a result the most likely to get teased. (Particularly by Die. ^_^) But of them all he is said to be the strongest and most willful. He is Dir en grey's drummer, and also has tried his hand at songwriting, having written the music for Toriko, Yurameki and Hotarubi, as well as co-writing raison detre with Toshiya. His music, young and fresh, shows his natural talent, and is improving with time; it will surely continue to do so.

Shinya wears a light dusting of makeup for the most, a very feminine style, emphasising his pouting lips and until he cut his hair he would style it in spiralling curls or long, lucious locks that framed his delicate face and promoted his girlish appearance. He makes a habit of dressing in a much more female fashion than any of the others, to the point of looking just like a girl; almost all of his clothing is dresses of various unusual designs, and he loves to wear thigh-high boots with them.

Shinya is an enigma to me still, but though at first I was wary of what to think of him, I have found him to be quite special and beautiful. I love the way that he drums; he is quite skilled and it is fascinating to watch him pound a complex and crazy beat out of his drums, while sitting almost still with a flat expression on his face. It somehow makes the wild sound that he creates more real than if he was flinging himself around in time to his beat. The way that he holds himself with such pride and dignity, even when the others are teasing him mercilessly, is sweet to me. He is strong and stubborn, respects himself and what he does, and it's these characteristics that will carry him forward and hopefully together with Dir en grey for a long time to come.

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