Die - guitarist
Birthdate - 20/12/1974
Bloodtype - B
Height - 178cm (5'10")

Die is the easy-going member of the group, the joker, and one at odds with many things. Tall and full, with a softly beautiful face and a sweet voice, he is always extreme in whatever he may be doing, and his supposedly 'nasty' looks can be very misleading.

Die was born in Mie, is currently 26, Sagittarius if you believe in astrology, and is straightforward, talkative, and able to joke and make the others laugh at anytime. He is said to be kind and gentle, though he tends to disagree. He likes to tease the others, particularly Shinya, who seems to be the easiest to tease. Die is guitarist and sometime songwriter for the group, having written the music for one of my favourite tracks, the mournful 304 goushitsu, Hakushi no Sakura, as well as the more upbeat Yokan, the hard and powerful Schwein no Isu and Children, and the lively Wake and Audrey. He too, like Kaoru, is diverse in what he can write, and it is this diversity that keeps his music fresh and interesting.

Die is quite extreme when it comes to his looks and fashion; though his makeup is not always as full-on as, say, Kyo's, he makes up for it in other ways. His hair is mostly bright red extensions, some long, some short, making for a crazy, punkish hairstyle that he usually has sticking upwards in all directions. (Though recently he seems to have cut it all short -- still looks beautiful though!) His clothing is always very hard and hot, full leather suits, metal pads and patches, wide shoulders, thick gloves, and the like -- he always looks very tough.

While I didn't quite know what to think of Die at first, he has quickly become very dear to me. I love his uniqueness, for he is truly unusual. He is so many different things at once; the hardcore image that he shows in his looks and style, the easy-going and happy-go-lucky personality that he exudes, the sweet gentle nature that is apparent in his smile and his soft, reassuring voice, the talented and driven musician who plays his guitar so hard it almost hurts to watch.. it's all of these things put together that make him so much more than what he might seem at first. Sometimes I think he, too, is still learning who he is, and having a wonderful time doing so, and I admire that in him. His music is moving, learning, and growing, and I am sure that he can only go up from here!

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