Kaoru ( ) - guitarist
Birthdate - 17/02/1974
Bloodtype - A
Height - 170cm (5'7")

Kaoru is the stoic, "leader-san" of the group, a lean, poker-faced figure with the grace and swagger of a stalking panther and the beauty of a longlimbed lion. He rarely smiles -- though when he does, it's a lovely sight! -- and was the one member of the group who scared all the others the first time they met him. Imagine, even Kyo was scared of him.

Kaoru was born in Hyougo, is currently 27, Aquarius if you believe in astrology, and is the one known to keep Dir en grey in order. They say whenever there is differences in making decisions it's always Kaoru who keeps things under control and has the final say. He is the guitarist and main song writer for the group, and writes some wonderfully diverse music, from the ghostly haunting melodies of mazohyst of decadence and MACABRE to the manicness of Zan and Berry, to the sweetly sorrowful Akuro no Oka. He can also produce some of the most amazing sounds from a guitar that I've ever heard.

He is sparing (compared to the rest of the group, that is) when it comes to makeup, though he is always sure to accent two of his loveliest features, his eyes and lips. And he has no need to accentuate his cheekbones, for they're amazing enough to begin with! His hair tends to go through various shades of blue to purple and thereabouts, and is currently a vivid mauve; though it's usually chinlength, he also sports a very long, thick lock of hair at the back that remains black. His clothes are a little more downstated than the rest of the members, but he holds more of an elegance in simplicity; long, lean lines of leather and pvc, tight corsetry, unusually layered skirts and buckled shirts, and almost always he is dressed in black. He also rarely shows much of his skin (he's the one member whose thighs I have yet to see) but his clothes show that the figure beneath them is beautiful indeed.

I adore Kaoru in many ways; he is my favourite member of Dir en grey. I love the arrogance in his saunter, and the serious way he stares down the camera. He gets into his music with such vivid intensity, that watching him play is amazing, from his solidly planted feet while he sways madly during a guitar solo, to the wild way in which he headbangs. And he has a sweet, childlike side that he shows sometimes, too; his smiles of pure enjoyment, how he skips across a stage like a little boy, or how he plays with Kyo or Die. I love the unusualness and uniqueness of the music that he writes, the way that he can make a guitar sing like magic just for him.. I believe he is brimming with talent, and I can only hope he will continue to make the most of it and pursue it with as much love and passion as he does now.

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