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1/2/03 - we're BACK! ^^; First off, I apologise for the several weeks of downtime the site had. I'm afraid I had no choice -- it was either that or pay a small fortune in bandwidth overusage fees. is now hosted at a brand new webhost, so all my sites are due to return very soon!
You're going to notice some changes, however. I'm afraid that after much consideration, the entire magazine scans section has been removed. "What?!" I hear you scream. "That bitch! How could she?!" I'm afraid it's a big case of, bad luck, deal with it. ^^; I have to pay money to host this site, which I don't get back in any way. Now, I'm happy to do that because I love this site. But I can only afford to pay a certain amount per month. And so I've bought the best webhosting package I can afford, but I still have to shrink my site.
Most of the images that were in the magazines section can be found at other sites anyway. The rarer stuff, like the photobook scans and the DVD screencaps and the like will stay up, so don't worry about those!
I've also slightly shrunk the Winamp skins and Wallpaper sections. I just took down some of the older stuff that most of you probably have already.
But the most important section of this site -- to me, anyway -- is the lyrics, so don't worry, they're not going anywhere!
Just recently, Dir en grey's latest single DRAIN AWAY was released, and I was lucky enough to receive my copy within two days. ^_^ To be honest, I am not hugely impressed with this song. Considering what I know they are capable of, this song is very weak and uninspired, to me. That's not to say that it's bad.. it's just that it's lacking. However, I don't presume that everyone takes my opinion as law, so I've added it to the list of requestable songs from Streamload for your listening pleasure. ^_^ (Actually, I like the remix of it better! But if you want to hear that, I suggest you buy the single!)
Also, I don't have the lyrics because I don't want to scratch away the poem inside the cover in order to read them. If anyone has already scratched away the poem and would like to send me a scan or a typed up version of the lyrics, I would greatly appreciate it!
My apologies, again, for the downtime, and the downsizing of the image gallery, but nonetheless I hope you will all continue to enjoy the site as much as you always have.

20/9/02 - Dir en grey's new photobooks, DRAGONFLY and [xx] were released on August 30th, and I'm happy to say that my copies arrived early last week. ^_^ (I would've updated sooner, but I only just got access to the scanner the other day!) They're both really wonderful books and I love them. Dragonfly is my favourite of the two, it's very arty. It's got lots of pictures of the band members in various costume styles that have then been edited and had filters put on them, and put on different backgrounds and the like, with the result being some really cool, funky visuals. I love this book! XX is also really cool, it's sort of like a photo diary of their Asia tour, at airports, hotels, press conferences, restaurants, etc, the guys just hanging out and being themselves. Some really super cute pictures. It's also huge! It's thicker than a phone book! ^_^
I've scanned some really nice sample pictures from Dragonfly, you can find these linked off the main images page. I've decided against scanning anything from XX, I'm sorry; the book is so thick that I feel I'd do damage to it if I tried to scan it, and much as I love this website, I don't want to ruin my lovely, expensive book for it!
I've taken down the promo pictures section (all it had was the [KR] Cube sticker and Taiyo no Ao ad anyway) to make room for the Dragonfly pictures. I may have to take down some more pictures soon, I'm not sure -- all I know is this site is getting HUGE amounts of traffic (thank you all! ^^) and as a result my bandwidth usage is through the roof. ;^^ Can anyone recommend a good webhost with 50gb+ monthly usage that's not too expensive? (Yes, I know, unlikely, but I'm hoping..)
I've also, finally, finally gone through my inbox and found all the fanwork that so many wonderful people have been sending me. (Thank you, everyone!) So, there's 14 new winamp skins with thanks to Anna, Van, Goat Girl and Kao-chan, 14 new wallpapers with thanks to Aeslis, Inu-Youkai, Kao-chan, V-chan and me (^^), and a whopping 37 new fanarts with thanks to many, many people. *beam* Enjoy!
...oh, one more thing. I just want to make something clear, as probably many of you are unaware of this. Please, please do not post direct links to my images or any of my files on other sites. Linking to the site itself, or to one of the webpages within the site, is fine, I am very happy when you promote me. But please don't post direct links to my images. Especially not in messageboards, livejournals, chatrooms, or the like. This is 'bandwidth stealing' and is a potentially huge drain on my site that I can't afford. (If you've done it before just because you didn't know any better, that's cool, I know how these things go. But please, don't do it in future. ^_^)

10/8/02 - an early happy two year anniversary to Tattered Cloth for the 12th! ^^ I have some new images for you as a present. I stopped in at Kinokuniya earlier this week and managed to pick up the latest issue of Fool's Mate while I was there. So there's scans of the new Child Prey/six Ugly look; check the group and invidual galleries for some pretty pictures. ^_^

4/8/02 - as usual, I must apologise for the delay in updates. It's really been a crap year for me this year.
Two days ago, my copies of Dir en grey's newly released single, Child prey, and newly released mini album, six Ugly, arrived. I've played them quite a few times since then, getting a feel for them. Anyone who hangs around on the Coin in Grey mailing list or reads my livejournal will know already what I think of them, and that's the fact that I'm incredibly disappointed. Dir en grey's music style and Kyo's singing style have changed drastically with these releases, and I hear so much of an influence of western music (Korn, Slipknot, etc) that I'm rather worried.
As always, however, these are my opinions only. I've put up mp3s of Child prey and three tracks from six Ugly -- Mr.NEWSMAN, Ugly and HADES -- so that you can all decide for yourself. I haven't had many people agree with me and I don't expect to, so please request and enjoy. ^^
I've also typed up the lyrics to Child prey (it's in English) and the Japanese and romaji for all the songs on six Ugly. (Well, the six Ugly version of byo '' shin is all in English, but you get what I mean. ;^^)
I have a lot of other things to do on the site, like update fanwork, but I'm really tired lately and busy and I just don't know when I will get it done. I'm sorry. I wanted at least to get this stuff updated, though. ^_^
(I just realised that it's Tattered Cloth's 2nd anniversary in 8 days. The site sure has come a long way in 2 years.. and so have Dir en grey!)

24/5/02 - well, lookit this. Despite what I said yesterday, seems like occasionally my brain is still capable of translating Japanese. ^_^ It sort of felt like it was actually working today, so I gave it a shot, and the end result is translations of embryo (the kisou version) and -mushi-. I think they turned out okay. kudos to Brian and Takako for their great embryo translation (check it out at Centigrade) and for reminding me that whoever did the English translations in the kisou booklet got a lot of stuff wrong, and that I should trust my instinct a little better. ^^

23/5/02 - once again, I have to apologise for the huge delay in updating. ;^^ As always, I have no real excuse except that my real life sucks and is mega-busy as well. Please forgive. *bow*
kimon, Dir en grey's PV video and DVD was released since I last updated. I love it! It's so cool. Such great PVs, and so nice to see them in such good quality! There's also (is this DVD only?) short snippets of the making of each PV, plus, if you watch through the whole credits, you get a bonus at the end -- the PV for the Myaku 8 1/2 remix. It's hilariously funny and well worth waiting to see. ^^ I might put some screencaps up from this DVD later, I'll see.
On to updates: I have a ton of images that I've been meaning to put up for ages, so please enjoy -- in the magazines section, there is images from the February issue of Arena 37c and the March issue of Fool's Mate. (thank you hidemi-chan!) I also have scans of the Shinya stickers that came with kisou -- thanks to Maggie for those. Someone did send me the Toshiya stickers but I lost them. >.< I'm sorry! Can someone -- anyone? -- please send me the Toshiya stickers? ^_^ (big giant huge scans if you could!)
I also rearranged the magazine image pages to go from most recent to oldest, rather than the other way. Makes it easier for you all to get at the new images quickly. ^^
I fully intend to do more translations for kisou, but I simply haven't been feeling mentally capable of translating Japanese lately. So, please forgive me again, and I hope that I will have some new translations done soon. I also have a slew of fanart and wallpapers and winamp skins sitting in my inbox that I need to put up. I promise, soon!
The main reason I'm updating is new Dir en grey news. ^_^ There is a new maxi-single and a new mini-album both slated for release on July 31st! Woooo! No mention of titles yet but I'm sure we'll find out soon. And not only that, but there are two photobooks due to be released August 30th. The first is called DRAGON FLY and is an A4 sized, 160 page book. The second is called [xx] A pilgrimage capsizing the Islands 2002 ASIA - THE JAPANESE FxxKER FAMILY (wow, some title!) and is a B5 size, 450 page book. Yes, 450 pages! I have no idea what'll be in these books but I can hardly wait to get them!

9/2/02 - sorry for the delay, super busy this week. (and will be next week, too. >.<) Still listening to kisou constantly, though.. I'm sure I'm driving someone crazy. ^_~
I've put up my translations for -kigan-, The Domestic Fucker Family, and undecided -- I think they turned out not too badly, in the end. I'm still working on the rest, so.. forthcoming. ^^
Also, with thanks to Pook, I now have scans of the Die stickers that came with kisou, which you'll find on the 'kisou' images page, plus with thanks to Julie, I finally have a scan of the sticker of Kyo that was reverse-image only on my copy of the sticker sheet. ^^ Now all I need is Toshiya and Shinya! Please send them to me if you have them.

3/2/02 - lalala.. yes, I still have kisou on repeat. I could even hear it in my head while I tried to sleep last night. ^^
I've typed up the Japanese and romaji for -karasu- and pink killer which means all the Japanese and romaji is now up. Now, just wait awhile for me to get some more translations done. ^^
With thanks to Julie (thank you!!) I now also have scans of the Kaoru set of stickers that came with kisou, so you'll find those on the 'kisou' image page. If anyone has Die, Toshiya, or Shinya, please, please send me scans! ^^
I completely forgot to mention this yesterday (too excited about kisou, I guess!) but Dir en grey have also recently announced that they have a new video/DVD release coming out! Yay! ^v^ It's a PV collection called kimon and both the video and the DVD versions will be released on March 20th. It contains the PVs for myaku, [KR] Cube, taiyou no ao, ain't afraid to die, FILTH, JESSICA, and embryo. I'm definately looking forward to it. (pre-order here I come!)

2/2/02 - kisou was released 3 days ago, and yes, you guessed it, IT'S HERE! *wooohooo!* what can I say.. this is a fantastic album, and a hell of a start to the new year. kisou has 16 tracks, 3 of which are instrumental.. the band's 3 most recent singles are on it, along with their b-sides, and a whole slew of new, very cool stuff. I'm in love. I have not taken it off repeat yet and I don't intend to any time soon. If you don't have it yet, get it now. No matter who you have to maim to do so. ^_^
I've put up a couple of mp3s to give you an idea of it -- ZOMBOID, Bottom of the death valley, The Domestic Fucker Family, and undecided. (as well as FILTH and JESSICA which move over to the kisou page. ^^) The album version of embryo has completely different lyrics to the single version, so I've left up the mp3 of the single version.
I'm in the process of typing up lyrics -- so far I have added the Japanese and romaji for -kigan-, ZOMBOID, Bottom of the death valley, embryo, The Domestic Fucker Family, undecided, and -mushi-, with the rest to come. Although the booklet that comes with kisou has English translations of the lyrics in it, I will be putting up my own translations, as I find the ones that came with kisou to be rather lacking. so they'll be coming as time permits -- in fact, I have already put up my English translation of Bottom of the death valley. ^^
I've also scanned the pretty pictures of the boys that were in the kisou booklet, as well as the cool stickers I got with it! My stickers are Kyo ones.. if anyone got anyone else and has access to a scanner, I would love to see them. (and put them up here at the site, with your permission. ^^) Anyway, you can find these images under the 'miscellaneous' section of the images gallery.
I've also finally gone through my inbox and found plenty of fanwork, though I have the feeling I've missed a few. ;^^ But at least I've caught up with a fair bit! So, there's one new Die winamp skin with thanks to raz, 6 new wallpapers with thanks to Andrea, Mikado, Toshii, and me (^^), and 8 new fanarts with thanks to kirsch, Reiko, lin chu, Elly, and jessica. Very much appreciated -- everyone, please keep submitting fanwork. ^^
That's all for today, but I hope to get more lyrics up over the next few days, so keep checking back. And in the meantime, I'll keep kisou on repeat. (ahhh.. I love you, Dir en grey!)

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