The refreshing flavour of Dir en grey's music grabbed me from the very start. ^_^ I've heard them labelled everything from pop to glam to darkwave to goth to punk to god-only-knows what else. And I can't label them, either; which to me, is the sign of a really great band, one so unique that it can't be pigeon-holed or defined simply.

At all times, their music is sharp, achingly melodic, and holds at least an edge of sorrow, or is fully immersed in it; the lyrics match this well, and as Kyo says, he never writes lyrics with a happy ending.

In their indies days, there was more of a wild, punk edge to their music; with the release of Gauze they fell into a smoother, glossier style. But with the release of Macabre and then kisou, the wildness of their indies is back, with an even more unique and unusual style than before. And trust me, this is a good thing. (Hell, with every song they release they get better. Yet I still love even their very first releases!)

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