There are many good Dir en grey websites on the net that will give you vast amounts of information; far more info than I could hope to provide here. (This page is meant as a starting point only. Once you're hooked, then I'm happy to send you on to a bigger and better addiction.)

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Dir en grey Official Homepage - it's cool to see that Dir en grey have their own homepage! It used to be pretty small but they have recently redesigned and seem to be finally updating it properly so now it's looking pretty good. And of course you'll always find the most up to date info here. ^_~

Gauze - Dir en grey Unofficial Homepage - this site is absolutely beautiful in both design and content. It's striking to look at and navigate, and the amount of information is wonderful; from extensive photo galleries to translated interviews to biographies, discographies, and constant new release information. Definately one to bookmark.

+ poison *~ - another cool site with lots of interviews, pictures, samples of music, and other cool info. Definately take a good look around here; especially make sure you read the interviews!

Japanese Channel - this site is one of the biggest and best resources on the web for all things J-Rock. It's where I first discovered Dir en grey (thank you Pam!!!) and has a huge gallery for them as well as plenty of mp3s, wallpapers, skins, lyric translations, etc etc. Though Pam is no longer updating the site, it's still a wonderful J-Rock (and Dir en grey ^_^) repository.

Wick - although this is a Japanese only site and therefore not readable for everyone, the photo gallery alone makes it worth a visit; the gallery link is in English and you will discover many beautiful pictures here that are nowhere else to be found. Go and drool!

Centigrade - this is a general J-rock and J-pop site with lots of information, translations, etc. The most important thing (for a Dir en grey fan, anyway ^^) is a whole slew of great lyric translations by Brian and Takako, including songs I haven't done here yet.

Dir en grey: Bleach - a blindingly white site with a neat sparse layout, useful info, and some really cool pics in the gallery that I've not seen elsewhere.

Macabre - opened on the day of Macabre's release, and a very nice site in both English and Chinese with a huge gallery, and some nice extras like scanned ads, a message board, and even song translations in Chinese!

Dir en grey + Mode of Gauze + - though still under construction, this site has some great pictures and some other nice additions, including a Dir en grey e-card service.

Dir en grey Campaign - for those of us who can't join the official fan club, here is the next best alternative. If enough people sign up and show their support for Dir en grey, who knows.. anything could happen! *grin*

Dir en grey GAUZE Webring - a great place to find site after site after site devoted to Dir en grey.

other cool links

While we're at it, if you like good J-Rock and good J-Visual, then I highly recommend you check out these sites. Trust me, you'll be glad you did -- just like I was when I first did!

[ Dir en grey links ~ other cool links ]

invasion dream - shameless plug time. This is my site devoted to the visual indies scene.. I have tons of information, images, and mp3s up on a whole bunch of obscure bands, and I put a lot of effort into it. Hope you like. ^_^

Paradoxical Reality - not only a great site with a huge archive of media (mp3, video and more) this is also one of the most artistically pleasing sites I have visited in a long time. Well worth taking a look at.

Morrigan's Dream - with versions in both English and French, this site is a good introduction to some indies bands that you may not find anywhere else -- and she also has mp3s up for quite a lot of them to give you an idea of how good they all are. Yay!

Got a really cool link you think I should add? Let me know 'cause I love finding out about new sites!

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