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Like it should be with any other band, I believe that Dir en grey's lyrics are equally important as their music, look, etc. However unfortunately for us western fans, most of their lyrics are incomprehensible. But it's with this thought in my mind that I started trying to translate their lyrics. I'm also hoping to start putting up interview translations soon.
I've translated as many of their songs as I've had time figure out, and I'm still working on the rest. I've also put up the romaji, and the original Japanese, for those of you with browsers that can view it.

to webmasters, etc: you are welcome to take the romaji and Japanese herein and put them on your site if you wish. The English translations, however, belong to me. Please do NOT put them on your site. Please don't ask for permission to do so, either; I don't want them at other sites. I still consider them works in progress.

A note about these translations: I've been studying Japanese for about 3 years, but I still have a lot to learn. Plus, Kyo likes to be obscure. So, these are my interpretations of what I think the lyrics mean. Feel free to disagree. ^_^

Gauze Macabre kisou

Tons of thank yous to my wonderful sensei Masumi for all her excellent help. Also thanks to Kei-kun for all the little stuff, to Totchiko for Deity, and finally to Brian and Takako for their help and for doing their own great translations of Dir en grey lyrics. (Check them out at Centigrade.)

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