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8/12/00 - I've made some more mpegs! ^_^ I hope you'll like them. One is of the opening scenes from the Live at Osakajo Hall video and DVD.. for those of you who don't have it, this should be fun. The other is the opening cg that is played on the screens as Dir en grey come onstage during the Osakajo Hall concert. It's very cool! You'll find these on the Media Misc page.
Also, I have a couple of new images from Popbeat magazine, with huge thanks to Pirotess.
I'm leaving for Japan in 4 days time, so this will be my last update until sometime early next year. (I get back on January 4th, but then I have to recover! *grin*) I promise that when I get back I'll write up some reviews of the Dir en grey concerts I'm going to. ^_^ Looking forward to meeting all of you who'll be there!

27/11/00 - just a quick note.. we've moved! Yay! The new URL for this site is now and my new email address is The speed should now be faster, and I've also split the backstage movie into multiple files for easier downloading. Enjoy. ^_^

23/11/00 - before anything else, I wish to mention a recent event that shook the j-rock community. For those of you who haven't heard, on October 31st, the guitarist and leader of Raphael, Kazuki, passed away, at the age of only 19. This is truly a great loss.. Kazuki was a very talented young man, and was only just beginning to realise his dreams. Some fans are organising tributes to send to the remaining members of Raphael -- if you are interested, please check out Tribute for Kazuki and Kazuki Tribute Box.
*sigh* It's hard to jump from that to page updates. ;;^^ Well. I have some new images from the October issue of Band Yarouze (god, those posters take forever to paste together!) as well as images from the booklet that comes with the MISSA cd. ^_^ Yes, I finally got my own copy of MISSA! I believe this is actually a rerelease.. the product number is FWR-029 and it's released by Free Will. Can anyone confirm for me that this is official and not bootleg? I got it from a supposedly legit place, so.. anyway, if so, that means it's not as difficult to get MISSA as we once thought! Yay!
Oh, also, according to Japanese magazines and other fansites, apparently the correct reading for track 3 of Macabre is wake, and the correct reading for track 6 is hotarubi. So I've updated this info on the lyrics page.
Some new fanwork for you all -- 4 new skins with thanks to Koorime, 3 new fanarts with thanks to Yileen and Pirotess, and even a Nokia ringtone of Akuro no Oka with thanks to Amnesia.
And finally; the machine hosting all my stuff is due to go down in December. So, I've purchased webspace elsewhere, and also registered my own domain name. (I've been meaning to for so long!) So this site will soon be moving. For those of you complaining about impossibly slow downloads.. gomen! It will soon be fixed! ^_^

31/10/00 - happy Halloween.. I hope all of you are wearing Dir en grey costumes to go trick-or-treating.. ^_~ Just a quick update.. firstly, I finally have a romanisation of egnirys cimredopyh +)    an injection! Took me forever, and I'm still not sure of the middle part (obscure kanji with no readings that match what Kyo's singing, so I played it by ear) but for the most part, it's correct. Enjoy the singing along. ^_^
Now, I've been told by several people that the backstage avi that I made will not work on their computers.. so for all of you who endured that 35mb download for nothing, my most humblest of apologies!! After much wrestling with my computer, I've succeeded in making an mpeg of this instead. It looks much clearer and seems to work on other computers too! (^_^) Unfortunately it's grown to be 58mb in size. Gomen! It is worth it!
I also have a new Winamp skin of Shinya with thanks to Koorime, and eleven (!!) new wallpapers thanks to Tokio.. enough for a whole new wallpaper page! While you're at it, check out her great website for cali-gari, a very cool indies j-rock band.

25/10/00 - sorry, this job thing really sucks. ;;^^ No more Macabre translations yet, but I've got some other fun stuff. I finally got my DVD drive, and got it working, so...
First off, since I don't think I'm ever likely to get the Mitsu to Tsuba translation finished myself, I've put up the version that was on the Gauze 62045 DVD. Don't blame me for all the swearing. ^_~ As well as that, on the same DVD is images of each of the members in their costumes for each video clip. I made screenshots of all of them 'cause they're so cool; you can find them on the images pages. (Love Kaoru with the wings from Zan!)
And the most fun part, if you have the download ability for it -- I made a movie file of the coolest extra feature on the Live at Osakajo Hall DVD. That is, four fun minutes backstage with Dir en grey. (Yay!) It's so cool, I just love seeing them running around getting ready and being silly. You'll find this on the Media Misc page, I really hope you guys enjoy it! (Sorry, it's an avi, not an mpeg -- my computer went psycho when I tried to mpeg it. ;;^^)
Because my DVD drive is finally working, I'm now selling my Gauze 62045 and Live at Osakajo Hall videos on Ebay.. if you'd like to bid, check out my auction list.
And finally, and my most exciting news: I'm going to Japan in December to see Dir en grey in concert. Woohoo! *dance* *cheering* I'm so excited! I doubt I'll be able to take photos, but I'll at least tell you guys all about it. ^_^ If any of you happen to be going at the same time, please email me! I'd love to meet up with you! I will be going to the Osaka lives on December 20th and 22nd. I'm also going to see Dué Le Quartz on Dec 14th and going to one of their fanclub events.

14/10/00 - gah! Next time I trust my original instincts. I was right the first time; the correct romanisation of track 11 is rasetsu koku. And they sing it elsewhere than the chorus, I should've been listening closer. Thank you GIGS magazine for printing the lyrics in kana!
Which means yes, I have a romanisation for rasetsu koku up now, and I've also done a translation for zakuro. The other tracks are harder to translate.. so please be patient waiting for the remaining translations. Oh, and I fixed a few more romanisation errors, in tracks from both Macabre and Gauze.. my apologies for getting them wrong in the first place. ;;^^
Also, since I got GIGS magazine, I have some new images up; group, individual, and a misc image. Really nice pictures.. I love the Macabre outfits!

6/10/00 - I started a new job this week.. ergh, I forgot how much time they take up. ;;^^ So, sorry for the delayed update.
After much hearty translating, I've decided that Kyo is obscure on purpose to make my life difficult. Anyway, I've decided to put up a couple of first draft versions of some of the songs I've translated. Some stuff is still a little iffy, and a few things I admit to being guesswork, but I wanted you guys to have something to read at least. ^_^ So please enjoy the beta version translations of Riyuu, Macabre, and Taiyou no Ao. (I know I said I was working on Berry too.. I'm really not happy with one part yet.) I will improve these as I get more time to ask people for help.
I've fixed up a few minor romanisation (and kanji) errors on my part, as well as a romanisation fix by Totchiko for Deity. Also, a few interesting song title notes: according to Megumi, in an interview Kyo explained that the numbers atop the title of Macabre indicate the actual word order of the song title. So! The correct title is Macabre -sanagi no yume wa ageha no hane- which makes much more sense. ^_^ Also, after much hunting, Luthien discovered that the kanji for track 11 is actually the old Chinese name for Russia that was used during the Ching Dynasty. Interesting!
After much earnest listening, I also believe that the correct romanisation for track 11 is actually rasetsu kuni, so I've changed this on the lyrics page.. anyone else agree/disagree with me that that's what Kyo's singing/screaming in the chorus? (That song is so hard to understand! Please don't ask for romanisations yet.. ;;^^)
I've added a new Kaoru wallpaper I made, a yummy new Die fanart with much thanks to Mylene, and a link to a new Dir en grey site called Macabre. And I also noticed that somehow the zip file that was supposed to have the Kaoru Dark Angel skin in it actually just had the Die Tsuioku skin all over again. Argh! Why didn't anyone tell me?! Consider it fixed.. now go download my skin for real. ^_~

29/9/00 - argh, how did it get to be 5am!? Well, I've added the Japanese and romaji for Macabre, audrey and zakuro, the Japanese for rasetsu koku (sorry no romaji yet, time ran away on me!) and I scanned in the russian lyrics for Deity so that page is up too. I've been busy trying to get all the Japanese into my computer before I finish my translations.. but hey, with the help of a Japanese friend I found the missing kanji in Macabre! Yay! (okay, so it was exciting for me at least..) This is probably the last update for several days as this coming weekend is a long weekend and I plan to play Baldur's Gate 2 nonstop for all of it. *mwahaha* But hopefully I should have some translations up for you next week! Until then.. enjoy your Macabre! (What was that? Stop playing it? Are you kidding!?)

28/9/00 - okay, I've added some more songs.. both the Japanese and the romanisations for Riyuu and Taiyou no Ao, and the Japanese for egnirys cimredopyh +)    an injection -- gods, don't ask me to romanise that one. ;;^^ Whatever Kyo is singing, it sure as hell isn't any kanji readings I can find. Ask someone who's actually Japanese. ^_~ Err.. oh, I fixed a few translations goofs in the Myaku poem. Toldya it was iffy. I'm still working on Berry, but I got sidetracked by Macabre because it's such a beautiful song.. can't finish translating it till I find this one last kanji that's hiding from me though.. argh! Anyway, more translations soon, I promise. Although, I just got Baldur's Gate 2 (for those who don't know, a very addictive computer game) so updates might be a little more sporadic. ^_~

27/9/00 - hee, I haven't taken Macabre off repeat yet.. I just can't stand to stop listening to it! ^_^ Anyway, since I uploaded Keika for a friend who helped me translate the lyrics, I decided to add it to the page as well. Also, I've been hard at work on the lyrics page.. I've put up the entire tracklisting (so you know what all the songs are called, finally! *grin*) and I've also put up the Japanese and romanisations for Keika and Berry, as well as a translation of Keika, and also the poems that were with Myaku and [KR] Cube, though the translation of the Myaku one is a little iffy still. Oh, I and put up Hydra which is all in English to begin with. ^_^ I'm currently working on Berry but there are a few weird bits I'm not sure of yet.. Oh yeah, and I made a new wallpaper 'cause I just love Kaoru. *grin* It's kind of a matching set to the one Goldfish just made of Toshiya, so I put it next to it.

26/9/00 - MACABRE IS HERE!!!!! *ahem* Okay, I'm a little excited. I've been listening to it all day and night.. this album is fantastic! Dir en grey are definately growing and learning and improving nonstop. Macabre has a darker, deeper, rootsier feel to it than Gauze; I can't really compare the two, but anyway, I love this CD. If you don't have it on order yet, what are you waiting for?!
To celebrate, I've scanned all the yummy pictures from the booklet that came with Macabre, and I've also uploaded a couple of mp3s for your listening pleasure: Riyuu, egnirys cimredopyh +)    an injection, Berry and Macabre. Don't worry, I already have plans to translate the lyrics to all the songs from the CD -- in fact, thanks to Totchiko, I already have a translation for the first track, Deity, which is in Russian. (o.O)
And aside from that, I've scanned all the images from Arena 37c September issue (so many pretty pictures!) and rearranged the images pages to make them all fit. Plus, I have four new wallpapers: 3 by Elly, and 1 by Goldfish.
p.s. It's 3am (;;^^) and I'm sooo tired, so if there's any broken links, please let me know! I just wanted to get Macabre up before I went to bed! I will finish messing around with the lyrics page tomorrow.

22/9/00 - Okay, I completely missed this on the official homepage (it was buried three pages deep on some pages that I had already visited and didn't expect to change!) but the band members have each written a little note expressing how they feel about Kyo's illness. (Yes, Kyo wrote something too!) Wonderful Megumi from Gauze has translated these already, so I won't do the same work over: please read the article at her messageboard.
Pagewise, I just recently realised that Pam hasn't had any of the Dir en grey indies mp3s up at her site in ages, and as a result they are rather hard to come by. So I've added the rest (yes, I was holding out on you!!) to the indies music page: Kiri To Mayu, Aoi Tsuki, Byo ' ' Shin, Jealous and Toriko. Also, I finally got around to programming the Cage music box intro into my mobile phone, so I've added instructions for how to do that to the Media Misc page. ^_^ (Consider me mid-update! I just got September issue of Arena 37c but the scanner isn't available today! So very soon!)

19/9/00 - Firstly, the latest news from the official site, as I'm sure you're all as curious as I am. Unfortunately, there is as yet no news on Kyo's current condition, so I have no idea how he is. (They did say earlier they would update tomorrow, but they updated everything else yesterday, so..) However, it's confirmed that all the concerts scheduled from 13/9 until 02/11 have been postponed, and have been rescheduled to start mid-January next year. I can only guess that this means Kyo is sicker than they thought. ;;^^ I am rather worried about him.. I hope they post more information on how he is feeling soon.
On a more cheerful note, Macabre, the new album, is officially released tomorrow! *cheer* I can't wait! Unfortunately, I have to, since my copy has to get shipped here from Japan. But as soon as it's here I'll update, I promise.
As for page updates, I have quite a few. Firstly, I have finished scanning all the pictures I wanted to do from Shikaku; you will find on the images pages quite a few more pre-concert pics, plus some concert and miscellaneous ones as well. I've also received enough fanart to open the fanart page, so check that out in the Media section as well: 5 new fanarts from Neko (3 Kyo, 2 Toshiya) and 2 from Tenten (1 Toshiya, 1 Shinya). Thanks, guys! Finally, I have updated the links page as I was planning, with a seperate page added for other great J-Rock bands, complete with small pictures, info, and plenty of links to hunt them down. Have fun!

13/9/00 - only a minor actual update; I have a new wallpaper with thanks to Goldfish, and a new link to Wick. ^_^ A small piece of worrying news though: just announced on the official Dir en grey website (as best I can read with my poor Japanese ;;^^) is that during the opening concert of the new tour, Kyo became ill and was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced with "spontaneous deafness". What does this mean in the long run? I don't know! *worryworry* According to the site all concerts from 13/9 until 13/10 have been postponed. All I can say is I hope Kyo will get better very soon! As soon as any more news about this is announced on the official page, I'll let you know here. If you would like to send Kyo a letter or gift, I have added the fanclub address to the bottom of the About page.
On an entirely unrelated note, with thanks to suggestions from Neko and Tenten, I have decided I will add a fanart section to this site. But first I need fanart! Any donations? Send 'em my way! I'm also planning on expanding the links section; I want to add a seperate page for other bands that might interest you if you like Dir en grey.. I think it's related and if you're into J-Rock certainly it's always wonderful to discover new bands! So look for that soon too. (And yes, more Shikaku soon too.. I promise!)

9/9/00 - my copy of the photo book Shikaku [a dead angle] finally arrived! Ahhh, I'm in heaven! ^v^ I decided to scan some of the best images from it for the page.. not all 'cause it'll ruin my beautiful book, but some. *grin* Check out the images pages.. I've not finished scanning yet, but there's some individual plus pre-concert pics up so far. Plus I made another Kaoru skin, and a Kaoru and Toshiya wallpaper. (^_^) I have also linked to bleach on the links page, as well as some links to a cool group I have just discovered called Dué Le Quartz.
I was thinking, I want to add some more sections to the page, but I'm not sure what yet. (I just want it to be bigger!) So I thought, if any of you who visit have any ideas for what would be good, please email me with your suggestions!

29/8/00 - I now have up the Japanese and romaji as well as English translations for Myaku and [KR] Cube. Plus I've made and put up my second Winamp skin -- of Die, natch! -- and have another Kyo skin with thanks to Neko.

24/8/00 - finally I have an English translation up for the song mazohyst of decadence. Yay! I've also added four Winamp skins with thanks to Koorime; one Kaoru, one Kyo, one Toshiya, and one Kaoru and Toshiya. Oh, and if you haven't already seen it, make sure you check out the cover image for the new Macabre album. Very cool.

19/8/00 - I made my first j-rock Winamp skin! And surprise surprise, guess who it was of? ^_^ Yah, my beloved Kaoru. Check out the skins page. Hope you all like it!

16/8/00 - There's now an English translation up for the song MASK. I've also added a sound file of Kaoru and Die from a Band Yarouze CD that I forgot to put up earlier. (Oops!) It's on the Media Misc page. Plus I've added three new wallpapers, with thanks to Koorime, and five new Winamp skins, with thanks to Koorime, Baiko and Neko.

12/8/00 - Tattered Cloth goes live! *woo* *party* *throws streamers* I've been working on it for absolutely forever, I hope that you guys enjoy checking it out! And not only that, but Dir en grey's forthcoming album, Macabre, has been announced and will be released 20/9/00. How perfect is that? I can't wait!! (Now I only hope Taiyo no Ao was a one-off and not a sign of things to come. :p)

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