Movie Files
Please note: I apologise, but due to lack of time I can no longer offer the movies files that were on this site via Streamload. I simply do not have the time to send these files individually to everyone who asks for them. However I still cannot afford the extra bandwidth usage required to host these files locally. As such, I am sorry but for the meantime the movies on this site must remain unavailable. If you think you have the bandwidth to host them, please let me know.

Sound Files
Currently I only have one file, but it's awfully cute. (Somebody donate something? Anyone? ^v^)

Band Yarouze July Issue - with this magazine came a CD which had on it, aside from various other less interesting things, a short chat with Kaoru and Die (I think!) about the guitarwork in [KR] Cube. Kawaii! Enjoy!

Yes, I've made my very own set of icons for my computer. I was having a very fun day that day. ^_^ There's several group icons as well as at least 3 different icons for each band member. They make great drive icons if you've named all your hard drives after the members. *ahem* (No, I'm not obsessed. Really.)

Dir en grey Icon Set

Phone Ring Tones
Okay! I've been playing! Note that these are for the Nokia 3210, mainly because that's the first phone I ever had. ^_^ I think other Nokias do this too but I'm not sure. Also, thanks to amnesia for Akuro no Oka!
Note: please don't email me asking how to put these into your phone, as I'm afraid I can't help you. I don't have a Nokia anymore, and I don't remember how to do ringtones on it. And I don't know anything about other mobile phones. Try reading your manual, or finding a website that's about ringtones.

If you've ever listened to the Myaku remix you'll know what I'm talking about here -- there's that bit in the middle where someone's ringing phone plays the melody line of Myaku. Well I decided that if they could do it, so could I! It's not perfect, but it sounds pretty close.

I love the little music box intro to this song! So now it's on my phone too. It was in their TV ad as well.. my version's a bit different 'cause the TV ad one was too slow and low-pitched for me.

Akuro no Oka
This is the chorus to this lovely song. Unfortunately it's a tiny bit too long to fit into the composer of the Nokia 3210, so you'll have to decide for yourselves which notes to cut out. (It's only about 5 or 6 notes too long! ;;^^)

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