A few notes about this site:

This site is designed for Netscape 4 and Netscape 6, 800x600 display, and 32 bit colour. I don't support IE, though this should work fine in IE. But I designed it to look best in Netscape 4.76, and Netscape 6.2.1, and so that's what makes it look perfect. For optimum results, make sure Javascript and Stylesheets are enabled, otherwise everything's going to look terrible. (And may be rather difficult to navigate!)

This being the web, I don't expect that anything on this site is going to stay on this site only.. people love to take stuff that's not theirs. It's a moot point, since everything on this site never belonged to me in the first place, so if you really want to put some of my images or whatever up at your site, go ahead. I'd appreciate a link and a bit of credit for my effort, if you don't mind. ^^ There's one exception to this: the lyric translations are MINE, were done by ME. I don't want them up at other sites. Don't take them. (I know I didn't have permission to translate them, but you know, if Kyo asked, I'd take them down. But I like to think he wouldn't mind so much.)

For the record, I hate midis and guestbooks so you will never find either on this page. I'm not even going to go into the midi thing, and if you really want to comment you can email me, I don't bite. Honest. (I am terribly bad at writing back though, so you'll have to forgive me in advance for that one.)

I'm a web designer both as a fulltime job and as an obsessive hobby; if you're interested in my other sites, check out Crysania. I am also a huge fan of Japanese visual rock, visual indies, anime, manga, culture, language, you name it, I'm on it; if you're interested in me, god forbid, check out Solitude. If you think I'm a webdesign goddess and want to hire me, email me, of course! If you have any questions, queries, requests, contributions, etc, do the same. If you want to be rude or stupid, tell someone who gives a shit.

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