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3/2/03 - First, I must apologise profusely for the extended downtime. Crysania.com has now moved to a new server with a higher bandwidth usage limit, and so all sites in the crysania.com domain will soon be back in action.
Unfortunately, to deal with the excessive amount of bandwidth usage that this whole website does per month, many of the image galleries have been culled somewhat. Rare pictures such as the Calendar and Afternoon scans will always remain, but the manga scans sections were trimmed since it's easy to get those images -- all you have to do is buy the manga. ^_^
You also may have noticed that this site has not been updated in a very long time. With the ending of Jiraishin, there's not much I can add to this site, and unfortunately I am not hugely interested in Takahashi-sensei's Tetsuwan Girl manga, so I have not been following it. Therefore, I'm considering this site now closed for further updates. I intend for the site itself always be here -- I always have been and still am a huge fan of Jiraishin, and of Takahashi-sensei's artwork. But don't expect any more updates.
Thank you all for visiting this site, both those of you who've been coming for years, and those of you who are new fans of the series. Spread the word of the wonder of Jiraishin! ^_^

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