invasion dream  

by porori
Lyrics by Reito
Music by porori

(jan ken    poi!)

where is she? is she there? where is she?
where could that girl be... I am it...

In a bush? behind this tree? I've looked everywhere, but
I can't find her~! I know she's watching me...

It's after school, the setting sun is sinking
It's getting dark    It's getting dark
Slowly, the pattern of my heart is also
Getting dark    getting dark
I'll be able to crush
this unbearable loneliness and anxiety, so
I'm going to find that girl I like so much
that's what I'm going to do

and so!

so high, so high    my feelings, soaring up high in the sky, so high
so that I'll be able to find her cute, smiling face...
I'm reeling in the "red thread" that connects me to her
so that it won't be broken    it will guide me to the very heart of her...

the sun sinks, sunrise and sunset
our shadows are growing longer...
the crow's cawing voice rings out...
the "red thread" that connects me to her can never be broken
a bond so tight it will only become stronger...

"kakurenbo..." for the sake of you and I

jan ken poi is very similar to 'paper scissors rocks', including the shaking fists for 'jan ken' and then showing your choice on the 'poi'. ^^
'I am it' refers to the game of hide'n'seek they're playing.
The 'red thread' refers to a belief that everyone is born with a red thread tied around their pinky finger, the other end of which is tied to the pinky finger of the person you're destined to spend your life with.
The 'kakurenbo' at the end is Reito's play on words. 'kakurenbo' generally means hide'n'seek, but with the kanji he uses here 'kaku' is each, or every, and 'renbo' is love, or falling in love.