invasion dream  

La rouge fil
by Phobia
Lyrics and music by Phobia

this anxiety that lurks in my memories    is it because of this night too long?
all alone, trembling with loneliness, I try to conceal it, but..
these emotions I cannot shroud    where can they go?
still not understanding, I do nothing but stand here

the days streaming by    and the tears drying up
in that time
you who gave me the name 'beloved'
was here

I swear    forever I will bear the strength of believing in our bond
in this time you alone will not let go, for eternity

when I get to the next world I will search for the same you
if someday we can meet, we'll become the two of us again, unchanged

the continuation of this dazzling dream overflows
riding on the wind    you, crossing over into the sky
your feelings have now    reached me here