invasion dream  

Juliet ~beautiful in eternity~
by orugo-ru

in this frozen room    my sighing breath fogs
the corpse of you that I loved is frozen in beauty

the ring of the vows of love that we exchanged for eternity begins to grow dull
piling up on my fingertip, even your warmth begins to fade

your decaying body changes to an ugly appearance that I don't want to see
in this unchanging ice coffin, imprisoned, let's talk of our eternal love

my juliet... peacefully, in eternity, you sleep so beautifully
the same as always, for my sake, you'll become the flowers that bloom
my juliet... for every day, in this heart, engraved
for your sake, I cannot forget, my vows shall continue like this

my juliet... the flower's tears, endlessly streaming
dampening my cheek, perhaps for all time
my juliet... how deep in my heart has your death
pierced and injured me? my senses bound by numbness

my juliet... even in death your face remains maddeningly lovely
eternity    remaining undecayed, you'll sleep unendingly
my juliet... to the very end, this kiss is warm
take it, for my sake, it becomes my eternal vow