invasion dream  

by Madeth Gray'll
Lyrics and music by Hisui

living in silence    if you become the unforgiven flower
a flower coloured with sadness will come to bloom
all too soon, even your "flower of existence" will be only in my thoughts
wanting the flower to bloom    is this perhaps what you wish for?

"your corpse, dissolving in the light of the pale moon
I will continue to watch over you, eternally
before long, it will wither away    this beautiful flower
for your sake, you must live as much as you can    forever continuing to bloom"

why must a person    pass into death    in the sorrowful rain...
if this is fate    then I guess I love the pain
at least once    if I can be forgiven
I want to return to those days with you

reflected in this cursed place    a cruel memory is now revived