invasion dream  

as free as butterfly
by Crystal Eye's
Lyrics by Masaki
Music by Crystal Eye's

with a closed off smile like ice    you continue to persecute me for my crimes
silently I take on your unspoken words

the light that I yearn for from inside this cage    changes to a shadow that shuts out the sky
the faint scent that hangs in the air    will soon lead me    to the scene of that distant day

I cannot return to the day that embraces me so tightly that I can't breathe, and so
now I just    flit and fly from flower to flower

I entrust this body    to a wavering moment in the wind
a thorn has left behind a deep scar that won't fade

the petals that dance, scattering in this short night    are dyed the colour of sorrow
in the depths of despair I grew wings and flew away*    seeking radiance

- as free as butterfly -

don't forgive me    in the flow of time
close your eyes    in this room without sound
you live in a fragment of memory    all I see in an illusion...

my heart wavers    beyond the flapping of my wings    I'm leaving the tragedy behind
my crimes pierce deeply through you

eyes drenched with sorrow    are dyed a vivid hue
even the person I lost is gone    I embrace my withered, dead heart...

* the word Masaki uses here is something like emerging from a chrysalis, the way a butterfly does -- I thought this was the best way to describe it. ^_^