sensually scrawled

A short summary:

Shikkai has made a career out of not caring - a neccessity, in his opinion, when you live in the slums. Then Aishuu stumbles into his life, innocent and naive and hurting, and something about the boy makes Shikkai take a risk. But it's a risk that could get them both killed if he's not careful, because there's more to Aishuu's past than it first seems. Will everything he has to go through be worth it? Will Aishuu be worth it?

Please note: It may not seem it, but this is indeed a continuation of the Entwined story. (^ ^)

Also, I still consider this whole trilogy a work in progress. I am still working on improving it (slowly but surely ^ ^) and you can expect that it may change in future. If you have any comments, I'd certainly like to hear them -- interaction with the people who love these stories has contributed hugely towards shaping them into what they are today!

And a last comment: this fic is dedicated to my dear friend, Barbara Friend Ish.

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This fic was started: February, 1999.
And was finished: 12th September, 2000.