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Cage: Part 13

Aishuu led Shikkai into the apartment, holding his hand, but as soon as they were inside, Shikkai swung the door shut and pressed Aishuu up against it. He covered the boy's body with his own, and laid a searing kiss on his lips, his tongue probing deep, catching Aishuu's uniquely electric taste.

Aishuu squirmed beneath him, and then the boy managed to wriggle out from under him, and darted across the room before Shikkai could do more than spin around, his mind fogged with lust.

"Where are you going?" he demanded.

"The bedroom. We can't do this without a bed." Aishuu turned and opened the hall door.

"Wanna bet?" Shikkai ran after him, but Aishuu had already vanished into the hallway, his laughter echoing after him.

Shikkai followed the sound into the largest bedroom, the one they'd originally decided was too big for them. Aishuu had scrambled up onto the bed and was jumping up and down on it as Shikkai entered.

"You tease." Shikkai couldn't help but grin as he watched the boy. But he was tired of waiting. He wanted Aishuu, desperately, completely; he was finally ready to tear down whatever walls were left between them. Whether it was lust or love that had sparked that readiness, he didn't care right now; he just wanted it.

He climbed onto the bed and caught Aishuu mid-jump, pulling the boy against him again. He pressed their lips together, and began to caress Aishuu's body, sliding his hands across the boy's thin back, moving down to squeeze his small buttocks, then back up again. Aishuu trembled in his grasp, and he felt the boy sinking; he followed the movement, until they were both kneeling on the bed, pressed tightly together.

His cock was hard, constricted by the tightness of his pants, and he felt Aishuu's cock pressed up against it, rigidly hard as well. The boy gasped, breaking off their kiss to breathe, and he realised Aishuu was still trembling all over.

"Gods, I've never felt like this, Shikkai." The boy's voice was whispery, wondering, and his wide eyes stared up at Shikkai in amazement; amazement and delight. "Not even that last time.."

"You weren't quite ready last time," Shikkai brushed tangled black hair out of Aishuu's face, caught up in the deepness of his eyes. He loved the emotions that ran so openly through them; the emotions that told him how much he meant to Aishuu. "This time, though.."

"This time.. I want to make you feel good, too." Aishuu's expression turned shy, and his eyes ducked to the side for a moment. Shikkai groaned; Aishuu's innocence turned him on more than he'd ever expected.

"Oh, you already are." He pulled the boy close again, letting them both get lost in a deep kiss, even as his hands pulled at Aishuu's belt, freeing the long coat he wore. It fell open, and he reached inside it, touching the boy's soft, warm skin, letting himself learn all over again what Aishuu's young body felt like beneath his fingers.

Aishuu moaned and squirmed against him, still submitting to his kisses, and he tugged off the boy's coat, tossing it away from them. Aishuu shivered for a moment, and then pulled back from him.

"Let me.." he began, and then paused. "Hey, I wasn't s'posed to ask for permission, was I?" Without waiting for Shikkai's answer, he reached forward and grabbed Shikkai's shirt, pulling it up awkwardly. Shikkai hastily unclipped the chain attached to his belt, and then let Aishuu take his shirt off. The boy threw it out of the way and then stared at him.

Shikkai suddenly felt self-concious beneath that wide-eyed gaze. He chided himself; Aishuu already adored him and accepted him as he was. Then he realised that this was the first time he'd ever done this with someone he actually truly cared for. He'd had plenty of bedmates, but he'd only used them to satisfy his lust, and never really thought about them as people. It seemed strange to him that he was more worried about showing his body to someone close to him than he was about showing it to strangers.

Aishuu reached out, hesitantly, pressing his small hands against Shikkai's chest. They were warm and gentle, and they made Shikkai's groin throb again. Aishuu's expression changed to one of surprise.

"You're soft!" he exclaimed, his fingers moving across Shikkai's skin, as if to make sure he really was soft. Shikkai laughed, even as his head went giddy; Aishuu's glowing fingers were making him begin to glow, or so it seemed, and that glow made him feel weak wherever it touched him.

"So are you." He touched Aishuu again, caressing his smooth skin, fingers sliding up to tweak the boy's small nipples. Aishuu gasped, his eyes half-lidding, and then they opened again, looking curious all of a sudden, and he moved his hands to touch Shikkai's nipples, pulling at them. Shikkai groaned; maybe it was the Lucid, maybe it was just Aishuu, but it was like last time. Lightning sparks seemed to burst inside him, pushing his lust up another notch, letting him get lost in warm desire.

He grabbed Aishuu, almost clawing, and pushed him down onto the bed. He began to kiss him, starting with his lips, trailing down his neck and across his shoulders, and then further down his chest, pausing to suckle on the boy's nipples. Aishuu twitched under his kisses, making soft moaning sounds, his vibrant eyes closed now, lashes fluttering against his cheeks.

Shikkai moved lower, his lips and fingers remembering the pale skin under them, tracing across it as they had once before, enjoying the gentle feel of it and the way it squirmed when kissed and caressed. He reached the waist of the leggings Aishuu was wearing, and tugged at them, annoyed by the presence. Aishuu whimpered, and Shikkai hesitated; the Lucid was driving his lust harder, and he was being too rough. He'd promised Aishuu he wouldn't hurt him.

"Shh." He kissed the boy's bellybutton, slipping his tongue into it, and Aishuu wriggled, a small laugh escaping him. Shikkai turned his attention back to the leggings, this time carefully easing the material up and over Aishuu's cock, freeing it without pain. Then he pulled the leggings down, stripping them off along with the boots and throwing them aside.

Shikkai let his mouth explore its way up one of Aishuu's legs, as his fingers caressed the other, slow and teasing, until they met at Aishuu's groin. He ran his tongue up the boy's stiff cock, tasting the pre-cum gathering at the top, and began to lower his mouth over it.

"Wait!" Aishuu half sat up suddenly, propping himself up on his elbows. Shikkai blinked in surprise, and pulled back.


"I told you, I want to make you feel good. This is the same as last time." Aishuu was frowning at him, looking unsure.

"I never said it was going to stop after this." Shikkai sat up, not sure how to react. He never really got around to talking during sex, normally. He just did whatever felt right.

"But.." Aishuu was hesitating, and then the boy shook his head, and pushed himself up properly. He launched himself at Shikkai, and Shikkai suddenly found himself lying flat on the bed, with Aishuu's thin body firmly on top of him. The boy began to shower kisses onto his face, and he found himself laughing softly.

"What?" Aishuu paused long enough to ask, before his soft lips moved further down, kissing Shikkai's throat. The boy unclasped Shikkai's collar in between kisses, pulling the slick metal away from his neck and discarding it on the floor.

"I've never known anyone like you," Shikkai told him, and then gasped as the boy bit him gently, sending lightning straight to his groin. "Gods," he murmured helplessly. Aishuu bit him harder in response, and all he could do was moan.

Aishuu took things slowly, his hesitant hands trailing over Shikkai's wide shoulders, moving down to his waist, and back up across his chest, while the boy's mouth kissed and licked and tasted him, slowly at first, then with more passion. The hands caressing him became less hesitant, and moved lower still, hovered near his groin, and Shikkai's hips pressed upwards, his cock aching to be touched.

Despite the innocence and unsurety of Aishuu's caresses, Shikkai's lust was higher and wilder than he'd ever felt before. He was all but incoherent beneath the naive kisses of this glowing boy, so far gone he could only lie there and submit; could only whimper and beg as Aishuu fumbled with the catches on his pants.

The boy finally managed to undo them, and Shikkai groaned in relief as his cock was freed from the tight material, springing forth to stand tall and straight. Aishuu stared at it for a long moment, eyes wide and unsure, and Shikkai managed to regain a little coherency.

"If you don't want to.." he offered, despite the desperate need that had built up inside him through all the teasing and touching. He didn't want to push Aishuu before the boy was ready; he could always do it himself, even though he knew that wouldn't feel the same.

"I.. no, I want to." Aishuu tugged at his hair hesitantly. "I just.. which is the best way?" he blinked at Shikkai, and Shikkai burst out laughing. Here he was, worrying that Aishuu wasn't ready, and the boy was debating methods.

"What?" Aishuu demanded, sounding a little more put out than he had last time he'd asked that.

"Gods, Aishuu, I'm so wired from you already.." Shikkai shook his head. "Do whatever you want. You'll know if it's right."

"Oh. Okay." Aishuu grinned at him, then leaned over and peeled off his metallic pants, sliding them down to his ankles. "Goddamn boots," the boy grumbled, tugging them off Shikkai's feet, and then they and the pants were gone, tossed across the room.

Before Shikkai could do more than blink, Aishuu had moved back up and was sliding his pert mouth around Shikkai's cock, taking as much of it in as he could. Shikkai's groan was loud; Aishuu's mouth was soft and warm and electric, and it pressed tightly around him, Aishuu's twitching tongue caressing him. The boy held him in place for a moment longer, and then began to move up and down, slowly at first, his teeth scraping slightly against the top of Shikkai's cock. He gasped, and Aishuu opened his mouth wider, pulling his teeth out of the way.

"No," Shikkai managed. "I liked that, Aishuu." The hint of pain implicit in that gentle scraping made his blood pound harder, made his head spin wildly, and he found himself moaning when Aishuu did it again, a long, drawn out sound. The boy suckled him in a steady rhythm, and his hips began to move against it of their own will, thrusting into Aishuu's mouth, aching for more of the warmth and the pleasure-pain that came with it.

Aishuu began to suck him harder, pulling him deeper into his mouth, and Shikkai heard himself moaning louder now; the pleasure was building, running through his veins, making his whole body throb and twitch with something electric. He pumped harder and Aishuu sucked harder in response.

And then it became too much, and a bolt of lightning seemed to strike him from his cock all the way along his body to his brain, shorting everything in between with an intense blast of pure bliss that left him senseless and gasping. His whole body shook and he stared at the ceiling above him, sure he was seeing stars.

The warmth around his cock vanished, and it sagged against his body.

"Shikkai?" Aishuu's face came into view above him. "Did you.. was it okay?"

Just okay? Shikkai felt like laughing again. Instead he raised his shaky arms and pulled the boy down towards him, pressing their lips hard together, his tongue tasting cum still in Aishuu's mouth. He pulled at the boy's lower lip with his own mouth, and then let go, and stared into the glowing violet eyes only inches from his own.

"It was amazing. I think you're a natural."


"Yes." He kissed the boy again, gentler this time. Then he pushed them both into a sitting position. "Now it's your turn to feel good." He reached down, wrapping one hand around Aishuu's still-hard cock. The boy shivered, then grinned.

"I already do," he countered.

"So I'll make you feel ever better." Shikkai caressed Aishuu gently, then slid his fingers lower, probing for the boy's anus. He found it, slipping a finger inside, and Aishuu yelped, jumping back in surprise.

"Hey! That hurts. I thought you were gonna be nice."

"I am." Shikkai paused, trying to think past the Lucid. He'd promised Aishuu he wouldn't hurt him tonight; he wanted to stay true to that. But Aishuu was a virgin, and he felt very tight. Shikkai knew how much it would hurt the boy to be on the bottom.

"You're on top," he told Aishuu, making a snap decision. He hadn't been bottom for a long time; but strange as it might seem for him to let Aishuu be in control of this, he found the idea appealing to him. Letting Aishuu closer and closer to him had been a constant act of submission; somehow this final submission seemed to make perfect sense. After this there was no more hiding, no more secrets, no more pretending their relationship was anything other than what it was.

"What do you mean?" Aishuu stared at him, confused. He smiled, and scrambled across the bed to one of its side tables. The last owner had used this place for one-night stands, Kami had said, and sure enough, Shikkai found a tube of lubricant in the top drawer.

"I mean, I want you to fuck me," he said bluntly, waving the tube at Aishuu as he climbed back over to where the boy sat. Aishuu's cheeks turned pink, and he focused his gaze on the tube Shikkai held.

"I don't know how," he said in a tiny voice.

"That's why you've got me," Shikkai reassured him. He handed the tube to the boy, and lay back against the pillows, raising his legs. "Now, get some of that on your fingers, and come here."

Aishuu did as he was told, and Shikkai took the boy's hand, guiding it down to his anus. He showed him how to lubricate it, how to slide his fingers inside and stretch it as best he could. The awkwardly probing fingers hurt as they pushed inside him, but he bit his lip and kept his face calm, letting Aishuu get used to what to do, without having to worry about how much it hurt.

"Now, lube yourself and put it in," he told the boy, as he raised his legs higher to give Aishuu a decent angle. The boy blushed again.

"You're so blunt about it," he said, rubbing the lubricant up and down his cock, adding a glistening shine to its throbbing red.

"There's no nice way to say it," Shikkai shrugged helplessly.

Aishuu put aside the tube and moved forward, slowly; his expression was unsure, his eyes still watching Shikkai's face. Shikkai hoisted his legs up to rest on Aishuu's shoulders.

"Do it," he commanded, and Aishuu's eyes dropped to his cock. He pressed it against Shikkai, then pushed it slowly in. His eyes widened as he did so, and all his breath came out in a soft 'ahh'.

"Gods," Shikkai clenched his teeth against the sudden hot pain. "Hold still for a moment."

"Shikkai.." Aishuu still looked uncertain, but the glow was back in his eyes, and as Shikkai watched, pleasure crossed his face, wiping out the uncertainty. He pulled back, still slowly, and Shikkai winced, closing his eyes.

Aishuu pushed into him again, deeper, and he felt a sudden tingle of pleasure, a spark that started in his pelvis and shot out in all directions. He groaned, and Aishuu pulled out, then pushed in again, a little harder this time. He felt small, warm hands grasping his waist, and he opened his eyes. Aishuu's expression looked a little wild, his eyes unfocused, and he began to pump harder into Shikkai, hitting that spark again with every thrust.

Shikkai bucked with each movement, keeping up with Aishuu's rhythm as best he could, willing the boy's cock deeper inside him. The pleasure was like an itch he desperately needed to scratch, and the pressure built with every movement, as Aishuu moved faster, more furious; sweat was streaming down the boy's face, down past his wanton expression and distant eyes.

Shikkai reached down and grabbed his cock, bobbing forlornly between them, and began to jerk it in time to their rhythm, intensifying the tingling that was building up inside him. Then with a startled cry, Aishuu came, filling Shikkai with warm fluid, still thrusting furiously for several moments longer before he stopped, helplessly, and clasped Shikkai's legs as if they were the only things keeping him upright.

Shikkai pulled himself harder, Aishuu's pleasure-filled face burning into his vision and sending sparkles down his spine, and he came only seconds later, ghostly jolts of delight threading their way through his whole body, as come spilled across his stomach and trickled down his sides. He closed his eyes, gasping at the shock to his system.

Aishuu's warmth moved slowly out of him, and he opened his eyes again. Aishuu pushed Shikkai's legs away, and he let them fall to the bed as the shaking boy crawled up his body to lie on top of him, oblivious to the sticky fluid between them.

"Shikkai.. that was.. gods, I can't even begin to explain.." Aishuu's eyes were closed, but he was glowing all over. He pressed his cheek against Shikkai's.

"You don't have to." Shikkai slid his arms around the boy, holding him close.

"Is it always that good?" Aishuu asked, wonderingly.

"Depends on who you're with," Shikkai laughed softly. "I'd have to say it's never been quite that amazing for me before."

"Really?" Aishuu pulled back his head to stare at Shikkai.

"Really." He kissed the boy on the tip of the nose. "Now what do you say we have a shower and find a slightly less sticky bed to sleep in tonight?"

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