Bottom of the death valley 

I've packed up everything I loved    in the trunk of the car over there
putting in the key, I'm going for a last drive    from the cliff I'll be free...

My Sister, Obscene Sister    fucked*    toyed with    drowned
My Sister, Lustful Sister    if you notice the white ocean floor
My Sister, Mother Is Sister    mother loved the white ocean
My Sister, Drug Addiction [R]

I Will Go To The Heaven
Playing The Suicide
I Will Go To The Hell

I've left behind everything I loved    through the door of hope that's down there
with my right hand I catch hold of hands that won't stop trembling    so I won't notice the tears she hides from me

now my child and I are packed in together    sleeping down there in the trunk of the car

Lyrics - Kyo
Music - Toshiya

* although this word, 'daku', usually means 'to be hugged' or 'to be embraced', it can also mean 'to have sex with'. since Kyo wrote 'fucked' in the English lyrics book, I guess that's how he meant it here. ^^

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