Sadistic    sadistic    sadistic    awaken the sadist
Sadistic    sadistic    sadistic    bury the sadist
Sadistic    sadistic    sadistic    sever the masochist
Sadistic    sadistic    let's begin this platonically

The sallowed, greedy insects
Are my frustrated sympathisers
Rotten apples    inside my gastric juices
Won't you try the soup of sexual desire?
The dripping, oozing pink maggots that
Soak in the formaline of sadistic desire
Rotten strawberries inside of that*
A sour marinee prepared with blood

Filth High

Let's see a movie, holding hands like I promised you
Saying farewell in this evening    before the apples and strawberries go rotten
The dream stretches forth, while we're kissing like I promised you
Saying farewell to you    let's enjoy the Last Supper

Filth High

Sadistic    sadistic    sadistic    drain the sadist dry
Sadistic    sadistic    sadistic    sadistical, horror
The sadistic awakening comes forth
Come one, come all and see
Sadistic    sadistic    synchro prepared retro horror

The festival of carnal desires will begin
The festival of sexual desires will begin
The out of control sadistic festival
The rapid human flesh psycho horror
Orange juice with liver
Sweet curry mixed with kidney
Pescatore prepared with pancreas
The beloved, beloved psycho horror

Lyrics - Kyo
Music - Dir en grey

* this usage of 'that' can also refer to sexual organs, which in this case would be the vagina.

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