room 304, cherry blossoms of white death 

from the window    the ever unchanging cherry blossoms
flutter    flutter    flutter    flutter and dance in the breeze

today, too, my conciousness fades away
who are you? I cannot remember anything
my tears overflowed and fell
onto your hand clutching mine reassuringly

your unending stream of tears told me something
for some reason the scent of you brings memories...
surely I will lose my life all alone, in this room
these flowers that no-one can find...

the flowers fall quickly, swaying in the breeze    this white hospital room blows with the breeze

the pain building up day by day
you held my thinning, ugly body close to you

at my time of death, there's one special person I remembered
tomorrow I'll become ashes, return to dust
from the window I can see the cherry blossoms    beneath those cherry blossoms I want to sleep
wrapped in warmth    in your hand....
they carry me quietly from room 304
so that I will never forget you

from here on, I sway in the breeze, together with the cherry blossoms, remembering you

fluttering    fluttering
fluttering    fluttering

Lyrics - Kyo
Music - Die

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