sensually scrawled

A short summary:

Tavir and Shurik have been best friends for as long as anyone can remember. And they joined the roller hockey team together, simply to have some fun. But then the beautiful Reyn joins the team as well. Just how strong is Tavir and Shurik's friendship... strong enough to survive Reyn's wiles? And how much impact on their lives will Reyn have?

This story is dedicated to my great friend Sasha Twen, who was going to be co-authoring future parts. (^ ^) However, I'm afraid I have no plans to continue writing this fic; I'm not the person I was when I wrote this story, and I don't feel comfortable working on it any longer. I only leave it up because it seems to be so popular. (^ ^;)

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This fic is © Cassiel Kelner. Do not steal, please!
This fic was started: November, 1997.
Most recent part written: 4th January, 1998.