Bakumatsu Rouman

I've plenty to offer -- mp3s, sound files, movie, midi -- however due to the bandwidth drain on my site I've had to remove the larger files. I apologise, I can no longer offer the mp3, wma or movie files via Streamload, as I no longer have the free time to spend sending these files individually to people's streamload accounts. Depending on the bandwidth usage at my new webhost, I may be able to offer them locally again, but we'll have to see. If you have the capabilities to host them, please let me know.
Everything elsed listed is still available for local download, though.
Thanks to Deuce for the LB1 mp3s and sound files, and thanks to Ivan for the LB2 wma files. ^_^
If you have any other LB media that you would like to donate, please let me know and I will put it up here with full credit to you.

* Sound Files

* Miscellaneous Multimedia

* MP3s from the Last Blade 1 Arrange Soundtrack
  1. Four Gods' Portal (Omen for Battle)
  2. Swordsmen of the Gorgeous Moon (Before Dawn)
  3. Change
  4. Vicissitude
  5. Fate
  6. Sword Saint (Akatsuki Musashi's Theme)
  7. Red Phoenix (Kagami Shinnosuke's Theme I)
  8. Evil God's Portal (Kagami Shinnosuke's Theme II)
  9. After That
  10. Flowing Lamp
  11. Akari's Image Song

* WMA files from the Last Blade 2 Arrange Soundtrack
  1. The Flower That Blossoms
  2. The Flower That Disperses
  3. Swordmen of the Moonlight
  4. In the Whirlpool
  5. Blood on the Blade
  6. Outburst
  7. Koryu - Destiny
  8. Koryu - Distant Thought
  9. Farewell
  10. Moonlight
  11. Blue Sky

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