DropRops are hand-made urethane eyes, made by the lovely Moca in Japan. We are the official Western distributor for these eyes. All eyes shown here are shipped to you directly from Moca herself.
We offer a new batch of eyes roughly once a month, depending on how long they take to make. We usually offer about 10-20 pairs per release, and the colours made are entirely random and up to Moca. (^^) She may or may not make the same colour twice, so if you see a colour you like, it's best to snap them up!
To see example pictures of DropRops in various dolls, submitted by our many happy customers, please see the DropRops gallery. (^_^)
If you have any questions about our eyes or anything about the sales method is unclear, please feel free to email me! I'll be happy to help you out.

Sales Updates
The exact release date will vary. We will post a headsup roughly 2-3 days in advance of the release date to our DropRops mailing list and to our Resinality sales thread, giving you a specific release time for the eyes. They will then be uploaded to the For Sale page at that time and available for purchase. (Please note that popular colours sell very quickly, so it is best to make yourself available at the release time!)
Please either subscribe to the Resinality thread, or use the following form to subscribe to our mailing list:
Email address:     
(You can also send an email to droprops-request@crysania.com with the word 'subscribe' in the subject line.)

Eye Info
Moca makes two types of eyes. Her usual 'Candy' eyes have strong threading and vibrant, clear colours. Her newer 'Real Type' eyes are designed to look more like natural human eyes. Size-wise, she focuses on 18mm, but now regularly offers 16mm, 14mm and 12mm as well, with occasional pairs of 15mm. The eye dome is a medium low height; please see the following links to see example pictures of the eye dome height of 16mm and 18mm DropRops, and comparison shots with Zoukeimura glass eyes and low dome ED urethane eyes: one, two, three, four, five, six. However please remember that all of the eyes shown (DropRops, Zoukeimuras and EDs) are handmade, are as such there will be minute variations to the dome height of all eyes.

Pricing and Shipping updated!
Note: Prices have been updated to reflect PayPal's new fee scheme. We appreciate your understanding. As of the late August, 2009 release, prices and shipping are as follows:
18mm and 16mm eyes are US$47 per pair. 15mm, 14mm and 12mm eyes are US$44 per pair.
Payment is accepted by PayPal only. All PayPal types are accepted.
Shipping will be from Japan.
Shipping within Japan is US$1.50.
Regular Airmail is US$3 to anywhere in the world.
EMS is US$10.50 for Asia, US$13 for America and Oceania, US$16.50 for Europe. EMS will include a tracking number and insurance.

Please email me with your order details. During a release, you are welcome to list multiple colours in order of preference in case your first choice is not available. You are also welcome to make contingencies (for example, "I'll only take this colour if that colour is not available" or "I can only take two pairs overall").